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AGNUS DEI (THE LAMB OF GOD)  *on tap now*

Our Wit beer is a delightful thirst-quenching rendition of the classic Belgian wheat ale brewed with orange peel, coriander, and a carefully sourced third spice. The aroma and flavors are a balance of bright fruits, spice, and wheat. It has a soft traditional haze and a light to medium body. A refreshing and flavorful ale.

Our saison has hints of earthiness, peppery spice and citrus tartness. Aged with peaches and a hint of apricot, its flavor is enhanced by a balance of light peach sweetness with tartness.*on tap*


Our Saison is a refreshing example of the traditional farmhouse ale. The distinctive aroma and flavors are of sweet malts, zesty citrus and peppery spices with a hint of earthiness. It has a medium body and a crisp dry finish. A robust and versatile ale.


Our quad is a tasteful spin on the monastic quadrupel ale. The aroma and flavors are a complex balance between dark fruits and sweet malts with hints of chocolate and caramelized sugar. It is full bodied with notes of brett and warmth.



Our Belgian Golden Strong Ale is a true “four C” ale – crisp, clear, clean, and complex. The aroma and flavor are a perfect balance between bright fruits, lightly sweet malt, and floral hop bitterness. It is medium bodied , highly carbonated, and has a refreshingly dry finish. A devilishly delectable ale.


Our Tripel is a delightful spin on the monastic tripel ale. Three different grains combine with three different hops to create a delightful balance of floral hops, lightly sweet malt, spice, and hints of citrus fruits. It is medium bodied with a lightly sweet finish and a hint of warmth. ​A zesty flavor rich ale.


Flamma Granatum (Pomegranate Flame)

A light blonde beer aged on pomegranates - delightful and refreshing. Dedicated to firemen/women and their departments.

Sol Vinum.jpg

Sol Vinum (Sun Wine) 

Award winning Sol Hominis Golden Strong Ale on Syrah grapes from our friends at Perisso’s Winery.


Jonah’s Relief  

Imperial Pumpkin Ale

Jonah’s relief  is a rich and delightfully  

balanced blend of pumpkin, spices and bourbon soaked vanilla beans.




Celestis Thesauri Biere de Garde 

Our biere de garde is an elegant expression of this time-honored rustic farmhouse ale. Beautifully amber in color, its aroma and flavors are a complex marriage of sweet malt, dark fruits, and earthiness. Traditional aging results in a well balanced ale with a slightly sweet finish.

Scotch Ale Label.jpg

Bonus Pastor Scotch Ale 

This Scotch Ale puts a Belgian spin on the traditional

"wee heavy". This medium bodied ale starts with rich malt and caramel, rounds with hints of nuts and dried fruit and ends with a clean and medium dry finish.


Verbum in Tenebris  

A Belgian style double milk stout that has aromas and a rich flavors of chocolate and mint with hints of roasted coffee. This ale is a full bodied with malt sweetness at the beginning and a lingering medium dry finish.

*beers may vary*

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